What type of T-shirt printing is better?

T-shirts with unique pictures made by singapore t shirt printing services are an interesting gift and a way to advertise different brands and products. When choosing the printing method, manufacturer focuses on two indicators: resistance of the printed image to repeated washing, as well as cost of manufacturing T-shirts.

Principle of inkjet ink distribution is basis of making pictures on a printer. This technology is effective for white T-shirts.

When decal is applied, the image is printed on film, and then placed on the shirt in the desired position. Then it is glued with a thermal press.

Thermal transfer is made by obtaining ink on special paper by silk screen printing and transferring it to a T-shirt. Only paint remains on the T-shirt. It allows you to choose any texture. The image can be with a metallic sheen or velvety.  It has good print quality when using vector images. However, fragility during operation is worth noting. Cracks appear on the print after 2-4 washes. This method allows drawing only simple pictures.

If you need a small print run, it is worth taking a closer look at the method of printing on a printer or thermal transfer. Such images may not last long, but with proper care, the life of the print can be extended. If you want this thing live long, the shirt should be washed at a temperature of 30 degrees, preferably by hand and do not use abrasive substances. Wash at high temperature and use of abrasive substances damages the image. If you compare silk-screen printing with thermal printing, the first variant wins, because it provides long-term coverage and is suitable for large orders.

If T-shirts are needed for promotions or a large sale, a shirt with an image obtained by silk screen printing would be the best solution. This print is best for great amount of T-shirts.