What to look for when buying decorative cosmetics

Today, stores offer a huge variety of cosmetics. Perhaps not a single woman wants to use low-quality cosmetics, so her choice should be approached carefully, not grabbing the first tube that comes across. How not to get confused in the presented variety, and what should you pay attention to when buying makeup products?

Pay attention to the jar, which contains the product you are interested in, it must be intact. Do not be lazy to study the composition of products, good cosmetics should contain vitamins A, E and C, a variety of plant extracts, for example, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, almond, avocado, rosemary, calendula, chamomile and hyaluronic acid. All these components moisturize and nourish the skin well. The names of the chemicals don’t tell the average woman much, so look for supplements that are beneficial. Vitamins, plant extracts, honey and propolis are examples of substances that are very beneficial for the skin. ┬áIf your skin is sensitive and susceptible to allergic reactions, look for products labeled “Hypoallergenic” on the packaging. It is not recommended to choose products with a strong aroma and alcohol content.

Study carefully the label, it should indicate for which skin type and age this or that product is suitable. Also, look carefully at the expiration date, do not buy products with a very long shelf life (up to a maximum of two years), this indicates the presence of a large amount of preservatives in the composition. It is better to choose decorative cosmetics during the daytime, as artificial lighting distorts the color. Apply the eyeshadow and base to the back of your hand and the lipstick on your fingertips. Go outside and see how the color looks in daylight. If you are not sure whether a product is right for you, get a better probe.