What to consider while shopping?

If to make purchases in the state of New York, all the prices on the tags are without taxes. When someone buys clothes or shoes value to $110, then he should add 4,375% to amount of purchase. If the amount of the purchase is more than $110, then he should add 8.875% to amount of purchase. For those, who doesn’t want to pay taxes and save it is better to go to Jersey City. Road from Manhattan to Jersey is about 30 minutes. In the wonderful state of New Jersey the tax on clothes and shoes is missing!

The information about return time is usually indicated on special signs near the cash register. The average time of return of the goods is 1 month. But there can be exceptions. The buyer should read the information at the checkout or ask the cashier.

It is better to take the shopping bag. When planning to buy a lot, it is not a good way to carry all 20 dresses, 6 tops and 3 pairs of pants in hands. At the entrance to the store, lovely ladies are usually offering a big and black shopping bag. The presence of the shopping bag is not obligated to fill it to the top. But it will be much easier to carry it around the store with all purchases and to stand with it an hour in the queue.

When standing in a line, it is better to pay by credit card in order not to see the spent sums and make the process of purchase faster.  In some stores, when paying with a credit card, the customer may be asked to provide an identification card.

If one wants to get an extra discount or special offer, he should make shopping during the holidays — Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Christmas etc. Many stores are doing special prices for these days. And if the customer is asked to leave his e-mail address or become part of the discount program he should agree, because it will significantly save money later.