Top 8 tips on how to save at shops

USA is a paradise for shopping. The shops are doing everything to the customer satisfaction by providing different opportunities for saving.

1. Card shops

Each of the retail chains offering their own loyalty cards, which let customers get additional discounts on products. The principle of their operation can be different: ranging from promotional prices of certain goods (as for example, supermarket chain Safeway) to fixed discounts on all purchases.

2. Price adjustment

If the customer bought the thing, and after some time its prize fell down, the purchase will be overestimated and the difference will be returned. Usually this can be done within two weeks after purchase and it is necessary to bring a check.

3. Price match

Almost all shops are willing to reduce prices on their goods, if in the other store one can find the same thing at a lower prize. It does not matter if the customer is comparing with online stores or conventional.

4. Discount coupons

All the shops from time to time offer discount coupons, which they publish on their websites, in local newspapers or sent by mail, if the customer leaves his own details.

5. Competitor’s coupons

The Stores accept competitor’s coupons even when they have no stock for this item. Among them, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot/Office Max, PetSmart, Michaels, Lowes Foods, Price Chopper, and others. The motivation is clear: shops are willing to make concessions to the buyer, if only he spends money in their shops and not in the competitors’ ones.

6. Raincheck

If in the supermarket the goods at a discount are over and the customer does not have time to buy it, take from the cashier of the so-called “raincheck” and as soon as the item appears again, even at a full price, he will be able to buy at a discounted price that was in the day when he took the check. Typically, supermarkets give a “raincheck” on food and household chemicals.

7. Payment with gift card

If to pay with a gift card, one you get a discount. The customer can buy a gift card for himself before he pays for the purchase. This scheme works in Macy’s, —there is a rule that 20% discount is available to holders of credit or store cards, or those who pay by gift cards.

8. Discount for tourists

Some retailers give all the tourists a card for 10% discount. For example, such discounts offer Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. One needs to come to any seller or the manager and say that he is a tourist and want to get a discount. Usually it is valid for one month.