Top 4 best US candy shops

This is the review of four best candy shops in the USA for those sweet teeth, who can’t imagine their life without sweets.

1. Sugar Shop, Brooklyn, New York

Probably every resident of the densely populated district of New York — Brooklyn — at least once in a life entered the shop to taste a candy in Sugar Shop. The trump card of this place is a retro design in everything from interior design to look of every sweet. At the entrance of the store there is an impression that you went to watch an American film of 50 years. On the big shelves of Sugar Shop banks with all sorts of candy are placed: Pop Rocks (created in 1956), Bit-O-Honey (the world saw this candy in the 1920s), chocolate from Mast Brothers (a family chocolate company) and many other colored candies. The Americans admit that this store is pointed out memories in the soul of every visitor. A few years ago, the store owners opened a special room for celebrations, from birthdays to a simple hen.

2. Amy’s Candy Bar, Chicago

Amy’s Candy Bar is a very popular chain of sweet shops in the United States. But the most visited store is in Chicago. The owners of the store assure that all adults that come there, suddenly start to feel themselves as children. Candies of Amy’s Candy Bar impress with rich colors, textures, shapes, resembling to the precious stones, whether fabulous plants and almost one of its kind, urging: “Eat me!”.

3. Best of Luck Candy, Baltimore

For 30 years, a Baltimore candy store, Best of Luck Candy is a meeting place for all lovers of vintage and different chocolates. Lucky Thompson, the owner of the shop, in his early youth dreamed to open his own shop of all his favorite sweets. And only 10 years later, when Mr. Thompson was 30 years old, he realized his dream into reality. Every day a huge queue for candy Whirly Pops, Charleston Chews and “Jeppi candy nut” is built up in the shop.

4. Aspen Candy Company, Aspen

In this store one will find 800 kinds of candy: from new releases to those that can cause a tear of nostalgia among the fans of sweets. Moreover, Aspen Candy Company is specializing on the design of “sweet” party, making candy bouquets and online gift delivery in any town of the USA.