The most unusual hardware store

There is an extraordinary hardware store in Brooklyn, which attracts attention by its content. The owners sell what remains useful after demolition of the old building, or what stays after unnecessary repairs in the apartment. There are much household properties, but actually it doesn’t resemble a market place. One can find a big quantity of wardrobe things, but it is not the store for repairs.

To figure out what it contains, it is better to imagine a big department store, which contains all things from plumbing to boards. And then all stuff is long-used and previously some people have been handled it in the building, after it was destroyed, made not dirty and now presented for sale again. At the doorway it looks like one is entering a large antique market. But it’s not like this. The extent of this Brooklyn is not compared with the present supermarkets, but the dimension and variety of stuff, which are presented there are really thrilling. At first sight, the notion sounds a little crazy, but this is only at a primary level. In fact, it is well-thought-out business. There are plenty of good belongings that people, under certain circumstances, just throw.

In accordance with statistics, daily in New York nineteen thousand tons of building waste is utilized. It is apparent that 90% of the waste is trash, but the remaining 10% is quite acceptable for further using.

Using such idea BIG!NYC company built its own business. The basic principle lies in the reuse of construction objects. This helps to protect nature and to earn money. The range consists of everything that can be somehow reused in the repair and construction of furniture, doors, plumbing, etc.

Most things they gather in the upcoming demolition of the houses, something they receive from building contractors, or from ordinary people, for whom it is a pity to throw it in the trash. Most of the stuff is old, but it’s not because they tend to be antique, but because before it was made for centuries.