The difference between a stylist and a personal shopper

The profession of stylist involves more duties, than the Personal Shopper. Stylists are employed to assist customers to reach “general look”. As a rule, the stylist will advise his clients how to perfect the sense of style and will teach them how to refine and improve the apparel. The stylist acts as the personal Shopper and will make shopping for them or make purchases with them, but usually he accomplishes it with full awareness of customers, their wardrobe and “look” that they are going to have later. Estimates for stylists differ relying upon the place in which the client lives and also services which they offer. There are stylists, who charge the fixed prize while others have an hourly fee. The proper way to learn is it to make some researches on the internet in order to find the stylist whose principles will be coordinated with client, and then call or send an e-mail to inquire their estimates in case their rates are unknown on the web resources.

The personal Shopper — it is only a person, who makes shopping for customers. Today, many retail stores propose “personal Shopper services”. In many cases this assistance is complimentary and only demands making an arrangement beforehand. Though the help is free, apparel may be not; the majority of retail store personal shoppers add a commission on the products they sell. It conveys that it is in his and shop’s benefit to lead buyers to more expensive brands. As a rule, people apply to the support of a personal shopper when they prepare for important occurrence to visit and needs more, than the seller’s assistance. Nevertheless, mostly with pleasure will coordinate with clients on a regular basis to help them find a cloth for all occasions. If the current relations are cemented, then the personal shopper can actually grow into a “stylist”. He will get feeling of the client’s style, his price of tolerance and his wardrobe (as he helps to fill it) during time. However, good personal shopper has to operate as “stylist” during the day and understands occasion/goods the customer wants to buy and find the item, necessary for him.