Choose the most extraordinary bag by creative Italian designers

Do you want to be on trend, to shine brightly and stand out from the crowd? Then, start making up your outfit with a new bag!

So far, the best option is a creative bag – for example, a one in the pop art style. Among this bag’s advantages is that it will never go out of fashion.

Such an audacious solution in choosing a bag will make people think of you as an extraordinary person.
Moreover, art bags are one of the latest fashion trends.

From year to year, world famous designers offer more creative and unconventional bag shapes. For example, the latest runways demonstrated plexiglass bags by Balmain, a sideboard bag by Dolce Gabbana, a beach ball bag and a shell bag by Chanel, a chest bag by Versace, and a camera bag by Braccialini.

But where can you find your one-of-a-kind bag? In Italy! Italian online Air – fashion specializes in selling creative bag models by Italian designers.

Here you can find the most trendy and best-selling bags.

A goldfish deluxe bag. It is made of genuine python leather with gilded trimming; the bag is decorated with crystals and its chain shoulder strap – with handmade flowers. This is a true masterpiece by Italian masters!

In store, fans of exotic birds will find various bags with colorful prints and applique works with parrots.

And here is another marine bag – a portlight bag. It’s a really WOW bag! The bag is enriched with applique works depicting colorful sea fish and corals, handmade leather flowers and crabs.

For those who prefer monochrome and more soft colors, there are solid-color bags decorated with floral applique works.

And as a final tidbit – canned fish… represented by a bag! A mini bag, shaped as a classic can with sardines, with a woven handle.

And that’s not all! In Air – fashion store, you will find a huge range of unequalled glamorous bags that have no analogues!

The store offers:
– fidelity price for registered customers,
– discount of the shopping cart price depending on the order amount (the larger the amount, the larger is the discount),
– loyal customer discount: after the first purchase, a customer gets a permanent discount on all next purchases, which is added to the discount on the order amount.

And of course, the worldwide delivery from Italy.