The beauty of sound and perfect shape in the Sonus Faber musical masterpieces

Sonus Faber acoustics: how it all began

While introduction to the acoustics system, made by Sonus Faber, there will be definitely associations with musical instruments. This leads to the name of the product and its design, including material and shape. The name “Sonus Faber” in Latin means “handmade sound” — and it accurately reflects the approach of this Italian company.

The history of Sonus Faber began in 1980, when a team of enthusiasts united around Franco Serblin, who is a master, artist, designer, cabinetmaker and avid music lover. He chose the design and production of acoustic systems as a matter of life. While working on the loudspeakers, creators use their own hands, because they consider absolutely every device as a separate tool that requires special attention. The company stands out because it supports old models, constantly updating them. Nowadays the basis of the success of the entire brand depends on several conditions:

— very high sound quality;
— unique design;
— a special sound, which is provided in the works of only Italian masters.

At the moment, Sonus Faber produces five lines of speakers: Vintage Collection Toy, Liuto, Cremona and Home Collection.

One of the last works from Sonus Faber was a tribute to Giuseppe Verdi, the Italian composer. And the name is given in honor of one of the operas of the great Verdi — “Aida”. This model has got a shape of Lira. There is a complex structure called “Anima Legata” inside the case. This is a metal pin, tightening the internal partitions between them and thereby creating a tension structure, reducing all micro-vibrations into one point. At this point, there is a mass damper that takes over and absorbs these vibrations. Such structures are used in the construction of skyscrapers, when a heavy pendulum-damper is installed at the resonance point, which is able to extinguish the vibrations and resonances of the building, arising from any external impact from strong wind to an earthquake.

The cases are made of natural plywood and the side walls of the body have a lyre-shaped section, made of African wood Aucoumea klaineana. The weight of Aida is 165 kg and a height is more than 170 cm. Such loudspeaker system is an excellent example of the craftsmanship of Italian designers. It combines excellent technical characteristics and visual appeal, which makes it interesting for both ordinary music lovers and true connoisseurs of high-quality sound.

The American magazine High-Def digest was one of the first, who published the insight of a beautiful and aesthetic Aida loudspeaker, where a group of journalists experienced a stunning recording session.
Remaining the keepers of the secrets of craftsmanship, by drawing inspiration from the past, and at the same time using advanced technology, Sonus Faber produces the highest class acoustics systems, which displays the embodiment of harmony between beautiful shapes and the beauty of sound.