Shopping in virtual reality: the solution was found in the US

Modern buyers want to engage with brands without sales mediator. Mobile technology has changed consumer preferences: most companies admitted that their customers don’t want to enter into real interaction with the seller to make a purchase or receive services. For the direct selling industry, this trend means one thing: it is necessary to provide such service, in which all steps — from product selection to purchase, the potential buyers will pass on their own.

American payment processor Payscout has presented an application that permits users to pay for material things in virtual reality with the help of Google Cardboard. The start of the app was issued on FINTECH meeting Money20/20 in the city of Copenhagen. Payscout VR Commerce supports unification with the Visa Checkout system, which lets customers to record payment data in an electronic wallet. General Director of Payscout, Cleveland Brown called it as a turning point in payments and sphere of virtual reality: “We’ve seen a lot of examples and simulation of payments in virtual reality, however here is the primary example of the present Commerce in VR”.

People were attending the application start at the meeting in Denmark and got a headset, showing an exciting commerce tour of California online store Body Language Sportswear. Being placed in the virtual shop, clients can examine goods interactively, make them large and rotate, studying them rigorously. Such application also has a managed interface to confirm purchases, including the detailed information about payment and delivery information from the electronic wallet of the user.

Users can already download such a new application in the Google Play Store, and later the high tech will find its adaption for iOS.

Because of its wide opportunities and proximity to the gaming industry, interesting format for promoting VR, gives much more than traditional advertising media. This is an opportunity to take a quest or branded game, it is a tour of the company; it is a chance to observe the work of professionals (looking how to make a favorite bag).