Shine and glitter: stay noticeable

Glitter is a stylish trendy novelty of the season. With their help, you can turn even the simplest outfit into a glamorous and effective ensemble. However, if styled incorrectly, glitter clothing can look pretentious and flashy. Whether you’re looking to style a glitter outfit for a day or an evening look, there are plenty of styling options available with some pretty understated and elegant glittery accents. Balance is a perfect key – balance the shiny piece with the rest of the outfit.

You can decorate your clothes by purchasing glitter in bulk. To hold such large and embossed particles as glitter, you need a very strong and elastic binder that will securely fix the material in the fibers of the fabric. Acrylic does the best for this. You can also use decoupage fabric glue. It will secure glitter for crafts firmly to your dress or T-shirt.

As for the sphere of needlework, glitter is used with enviable regularity in decoupage and the art of scrapbooking, in sewing, in making jewelry, in floristry, kanzashi, in polymer clay modeling, appliqué, making designer dolls and in any kind of decor.

In general, loose (dry glitter) is divided into three main types – glitter dust (the smallest glitter), glitter with medium grains (glitter sand) and large glitter (in this case we are talking about curly glitter, for example, flakes, sparkling sticks, broken glass, stars, hearts, hexagons, circles), reaching several millimeters in diameter, and sometimes more than a centimeter.

Modern glitter often has interesting effects in addition to shine, for example, it can glow in the dark, or change color depending on the viewing angle. Typically, small glitter will produce a lighter, translucent shimmer, while larger particle variants have a more bright sheen.