Motion graphics trends: how an animated picture makes you buy more

Motion graphics nowadays have become powerful marketing tools. Motion graphics studio forms a new way of presenting products that are applied in all areas of business.

Motion graphics production is rapidly developing and absorbing global trends – technology, fashion and others. A bright, juicy picture makes us take a closer look at the product and want to buy it. Surely a 3D animation of a product will attract your attention more than its description on a whole page. That is why, looking at such an advertisement, you will want to hold the advertised item in your hands, taste it, try it on, etc. There are several ways to make a product desirable with the help of motion agency.

Limited color palette

The visual story is told in a few primary colors. This approach seems both simple and sophisticated, because it is a challenge to product motion graphics for an artist. Animations in limited colors can be very effective. Simple colors add a touch of retro nostalgia.

Thin lines

They can set the direction, determine the forms and even dictate the mood. Super thin lines are used to create motion graphics that look like hand-drawn. The charming line art trend gives the videos a unique charm.

Mixing 2D and 3D

Suitable for high-budget commercials and small digital advertising. Motion designers integrate 2D and 3D animation, insert 2D motion overlays, and create a style that appeals to viewers.

Animated logos

Logo animation has become one of the main trends in corporate identity design. It literally breathes life into static typography.

Dynamics with unexpected movements is associated with the desire for innovation. Such brands are more attractive because they can (according to customers) offer something unique.