Invisible helpers of every girl

Yes, in our society it is not customary to condemn such intimate topics as menstruation, however, this is a completely natural phenomenon, in which there is nothing shameful. That is why today we decided to tell you about how to choose pads and what types of this personal care product can be found today. If you are concerned about your health, then you should be concerned about choosing the best pads, for example, Lhamo pads, whether for every day, whether for critical days.

Main parameters

Over the years, women have used various methods to get rid of their menstrual blood. It could be pieces of cloth, bandages and cotton wool, but since the middle of the last century, sanitary napkins have appeared in production, which greatly facilitated the life of every girl. Sanitary pads are the oldest and most commonly used remedies that can absorb menstrual blood, limiting the likelihood of leakage.

There are several types of sanitary pads: herbal pads, transparent, cotton, with netting and their choice depends on your personal preference.


They are equipped with adhesive strips on the sides that must be secured to the underwear. They promote better fixation and provide optimum leakage protection. Of course, the wings are not suitable for all types of underwear, but in other cases, they are more than preferable.


Suitable for everyday use. For the same reason, they are not suitable for the first days of menstruation. On the other hand, they can be enough for the last days of the menstrual cycle. They also go well with tampons.


They are needed for daily use after childbirth, which is often characterized by blood loss and mucous discharge. We advise you to use postpartum pads for the first few days after the process of the child’s birth to avoid leaks.