How to Display Acrylic Pins at a Craft Show

Displaying acrylic pins at a craft show can be an excellent way to promote your brand and attract attention. These displays are easy to construct and sure to grab attention.

To give your booth the best presentation, ensure there is ample lighting and visible signage. This will enable potential customers to quickly assess your products and make purchasing decisions with ease.

Hanging Wall Displays

Displaying acrylic pins at a craft show is an ideal way to display your work and attract new customers, thus increasing sales. To ensure the aesthetic of your display is successful, select items that look professional and draw attention towards your booth.

One of the best ways to showcase your pins is using hanging wall displays. These types of displays are easy to install and can be used for showcasing various items. These types of stands can be purchased at local craft stores or made by yourself.

Hanging Wall Displays
Image by Peggy_Marco from Pixabay

Another popular way to display pins is with a shadow box or picture frame. These inexpensive items can be easily found at craft stores or even for sale at yard sales.

Displays like these can be used to showcase a variety of things, such as art, photos, acrylic stand and crafts. They come in an assortment of styles and colors and may also be employed to store jewelry or other small objects.

Some people may prefer to create their own hanging wall display instead of purchasing one pre-made. These displays can be simple to construct and look beautiful. These displays may be constructed out of materials such as wood, felt, or foam.

Some people might prefer to purchase a hanging display that already features their desired design. These displays can be found at local craft stores or online.

Displaying your collection without taking up too much room is a great idea. These displays come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit any wall space perfectly.

Other ways to display your pins include hanging banners and pennants. These displays can be made from almost any material that is pin-friendly.

Another way to showcase your pins is using an embroidery hoop. These displays can be purchased at a local craft shop or easily made at home using only an embroidery hoop and cloth of your choice.

Hanging Wall Hangings

Acrylic pins are an ideal way to hold materials together and provide a flat surface for projects. These come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for holding paper, cloth or other materials securely.

These versatile items come in a range of colors and can be found at most arts and crafts stores. Jewelry-makers may find them particularly useful, as they enable beads and other components to be attached directly to the material.

Display your acrylic pins with elegance and sophistication by hanging wall displays. These pieces look great in any type of room.

Choose from a range of styles, such as tapestry-style, specialty shapes and mixed media pieces. Many offer vintage-inspired designs and geometric patterns that will bring an eye-catching flair to any room.

Others come in sets of two or more items that can be hung side by side to create an eye-catching display. They come in various materials like glass, plastic, metal and wood and feature whimsical sayings as fun ways to express yourself and add personality.

Tapestry-style wall hangings are an attractive decoration choice for homes. These woven pieces of fabric can be displayed in living rooms, bedrooms or dens; they may even be hung above beds or fireplaces to add a touch of class.

Many people tend to have more wall space than floor space, so wall displays can help keep clutter out of a room. West elm offers an extensive selection of these pieces in various colors and sizes.

These wall displays can be the perfect way to show off your acrylic pins at a craft show. You can use them to hang your favorite pins or even an entire collection from one artist.

If you plan on displaying a lot of pins, consider investing in a display case that keeps them organized. You can purchase one at a craft store or make one yourself using this simple tutorial.


Displaying your acrylic pins on canvas is an excellent way to make them stand out. Choose a light-colored canvas for a casual, easygoing vibe or go for more decorative fabrics that set the right atmosphere for your collection.

This cost-effective but creative idea will give your collection a more organized and polished appearance. Plus, it allows you to hang multiple pins simultaneously.

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Canvas banners are an ideal solution for showcasing acrylic pins, as they can accommodate a large number of pins without being too bulky. Their edges are serged and hemmed so they won’t fray or unravel, and the material is thick enough to support both small and large pins securely.

Another way to showcase your acrylic pins is on a tapestry. Tapestries are lightweight and can easily be hung on the wall, making them ideal for casual pin displays that still look professional.

Fabrics for your display can range from single-color prints to vibrant celestial fabrics. Just be sure to select a fabric that complements the decor of your room so everything looks cohesive.

If you’re thinking of selling your pins at a craft show, the first step is finding one that’s suitable. To do this, search for nearby craft shows on Google and visit their websites. It may also be beneficial to speak to other craft artists about their experiences at similar events in the past.

When planning a craft show, the type of products sold should be taken into account. Some juried shows boast high percentages of jewelry or painting vendors, while others specialize in other crafts. This will have an impact on both your sales and competition levels.

In some cases, competition can be so fierce that you must charge a higher price than your rivals to stay ahead. This is particularly true if you’re new to the craft world or trying to establish yourself.

Finally, it’s essential to select a show that works best for both your artwork and budget. Start by checking with your local arts association to see if they publish a craft show directory. If not, take advantage of online forums or social media pages to read reviews about shows attendees have experienced.


Collectors of enamel pins or those simply wanting to show off their favorite designs have several ways to display them. One option is creating a simple display in your home or office; another alternative is taking your collection to a craft fair and showing it off for all to see!

Making a successful display at a craft show requires understanding the rules of the event and how they can benefit your business. Some shows are juried, meaning judges review your artwork to decide if you qualify to sell at the show; alternatively, non-juried shows don’t require you to go through a judging process.

Before selecting which craft show to attend, take into account how much product you will sell and the competition. Additionally, research if networking with other craft artists will be possible – this can be an important element in developing your business.

If this is your first time attending a craft show, you must decide the type of artwork to sell and the materials to use in creating it. Your product selections will influence both your display layout and booth setup.

When planning for a craft fair, you should factor in the cost of renting a booth and any associated fees like shipping or insurance. Prices for booths range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size and amount of merchandise being sold.

No matter which craft show you select, present your products in an appealing and unique manner. This will draw customers and keep them coming back for more. It’s also essential that the most successful displays create cohesion among items by restricting the number of offerings and using elements which repeat within each one.