How to choose an electric bike?

Movement in the city imposes certain restrictions: traffic jams, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings. In such conditions, power of electric bikes  does not play a special role. Maneuverability and good handling are needed. If you need such a bike, look at the following characteristics:

  • How long can you ride on an electric bike (a power reserve). The more this characteristic, the less problems we have. Who wants to carry a bike when charging is over?
  • We decide on the main road surface. What’s on the way: asphalt, paving slabs or paving stones? On uneven surfaces, inflatable wheels are ideal. Better shock absorption, less stress on the frame;
  • Its own weight. If there are places where you have to get on public transport, choose foldable models of light weight;
  • Are you planning to drive in the evenings or at night? It is still better to stay safe and equip the vehicle with a headlight and dimensions.