How to choose a wooden toy: simple steps

In the modern world, toy manufacturers provide parents with a great choice. However, after going through many variants, people often return to the origins. The child, as part of nature, feels harmonious and comfortable surrounded by objects made from natural materials. Wood products are some of the oldest ones that people used in everyday life. The very first natural baby teether was also made of wood.

Wooden toys have a special natural energy and warmth. Zodiac baby gift has a unique texture, which is very important for kids, because the child learns the world around him by touch. A variety of structures and surfaces helps the baby to form a more complete and correct representation about the world.

How to choose a wooden toy:

  • The toy should not have rough surfaces, cracks, splinters.
  • Paint and varnish should be of high quality (food and acrylic dyes). For children less than a year old – without dye.
  • A specific purpose is to train the score, to teach differences in colors, etc. An excess of functions is superfluous for a children’s toy.
  • The simpler the toy, the faster the development of the child’s creativity.
  • Age and personal development schedule of your baby. For example, a child less than three years old should not take construction kits from small parts.
  • For babies less than 3 years old, the weight of the toy should be up to 100 g; sharp corners / protrusions are not allowed; some details should have limiters and a thickness of 2 mm or more.
  • When choosing a color, immediately exclude black drawings on dark backgrounds – so that the baby does not strain his eyesight.

Moreover, teach children to play. It is very important. Only in this case, the toys, in addition to the entertainment function, will carry an educational one.