How to choose a good chicken to cook?

Chicken is not only, contrary to the popular saying, a bird, but also an extremely important food product. However, over the past century, it was overgrown with many myths, and every year their number seems to only grow. Is it true that broiler chickens are fed antibiotics? Increasing the weight of chilled carcasses by pumping them with humectants? Injected with hormones? To do this, you need to choose the right manufacturer, who has only a pure and natural product without harmful impurities and additives, for example, poultry farming in Romania.

Looking at the chicken breasts, on our counters it is sometimes simply impossible to imagine what size the chicken was. Too big. How safe is such a product, and how to choose the best one? On store shelves, chicken breasts are presented in a variety – with and without skin, with bones and fillets. The most expensive thing is skinless fillet – before preparing it, you do not need to spend time cutting, the manufacturer has already done everything for you.

If you are going to cook broth from the breasts, it is better to take the breast not only with the skin, but also on the bone. It also costs less, and your soup will turn out to be more rich. But in any case, the meat of chicken breasts should be firm, dense fibers, without bruising and cuts. Poultry farming in Romania produces just such a product – delicious and fresh, as if your chicken walked in the pasture just an hour ago.

If you buy breasts by weight, we advise you not only to ask the seller for the expiration dates, but also to check the product documentation.

If you prefer factory-wrapped breasts, take a close look at it from all sides. The packaging must be clean, it must contain all information about the manufacturer, expiration dates and rules for storing the product.