How to Choose a Fabric for a Shade

A shade is a unique structure, thanks to which you can not only hide yourself from inclement weather, but also hide a car, furniture, clothes and much more. The arrangement of a fabric shade is the simplest solution. It is lightweight, can be disassembled, and also saves well from the scorching sun or rain. Find a large selection of such shades by the link

Varieties of fabrics for shades

Fabric for shades should have protective physical properties. Tent fabrics have such properties. There are several types of such tissues:

Varieties of fabrics for shades
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels
  • canvas;
  • polyester fabrics with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating;
  • rubberised fabrics;
  • acrylic fabrics;
  • tarpaulin.

Recommendations for the choice of fabric

Choosing a fabric for a shade, you need to think not only about how it protects from rain, but also from other weather phenomena. What should you pay attention to when buying fabric:

  • density of the material, strength and durability depend on how dense the material is, but at the same time it should not be too heavy;
  • water resistance, which is measured in millimetres of water column; it is necessary to focus on the purposes for which the shade is being built;
  • for resistance to ultraviolet rays. This indicator is especially important when the shade is erected to hide from the sun for rest;
  • despite the size of the fabric, it is important that the joints of the fabric cloths are as few as possible, this will reduce the risks of water leakage;
  • colour of the fabric. The shade can become a bright element of the exterior of the cottage.
choose the fabric for the shade
Image by rostichep from Pixabay

You can choose the fabric for the shade yourself, but it is better to contact Shade N Net professionals. They will not only pick up the fabric for you, but also create the entire structure of the shade according to your parameters.

October 1 2021