How Lottery Winners Spend Their Money

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Can you imagine what it is like to win the lottery? If you do not, there are a lot of lottery winners who know first-hand how incredible it is. So if you wonder what lottery winners do with their money, we recommend you to learn the stories of jackpot purchases and check USA Powerball results at in case you are the next lucky winner. So when the day comes and you will become a lottery winner, you will make wise descisions about what to do with your money. But now let us take a look at what some lucky lottery winners have done with their winnings.

According to a study conducted in the UK by Camelot – operators of the National Lottery, most lottery winners invest their money in property. The second most popular choice is to invest money in future income. The third – investing money in the future of children. The list of most popular investments also includes gifts to family and friends, cars, holidays, and paying off debts and mortgages.Nevertheless, there are always some stories aside from statistics and these are the most interesting ones. Here are the top 5 of them:

1. In January 2016, John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee won the record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot shared with two other winning ticket holders. Despite the fact that originally Robinsons stated that they will use their winnings to pay off their mortgage and cover their daughter’s student loans while remaining in their one-story house, their plans took an unexpected turn. Just half a year later, Robinsons purchased a home with 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, private theatre and private lake.

2. Not all lottery winners spend their money wisely. One of the top horror stories is about Ronnie Music Jr. from Georgia who won $3 million and decided to invest a part in a crystal meth ring. As you can guess, the lucky winner is now in prison for his crimes.

3. In 2011, John and Linda Kutey won a $28.7 million share of a Mega Millions jackpot. Although there is nearly no information about their investments, we know that they spend some of their winnings to honor their parents by building a water spray park.

4. There were also lottery winners who donated their winnings to charitable causes. For example, Bob Erb from Canada who won a $25 million Lotto Max jackpot, decided to donate a part of his winnings to promote the idea of the legalization of marijuana.

5. One of the youngest lottery winners in the US won a $35.3 million Powerball prize in 2008. Jay Vargas from South Carolina decided to invest his money in the creation of a female wrestling television show called Wrestlicious TakeDown. Unfortunately, after one season, the show went off the air.