Exclusive t-shirts: how to get them

The exclusive has always been held in high esteem by fashionistas. However, there is no need to purchase expensive items, a simple T-shirt will turn into an exclusive one thanks to the embroidery houston. It can be done in any style.

Advantages over printing and other application methods

  1. Embroidery is possible on fabrics of different composition. For embroidery, the presence of synthetic fibers in the composition of the fabric is not a prerequisite, as for some types of screen printing Houston.
  2. The presence of pile, cord, textured pattern is not an obstacle for embroidery. You can even embroider on nets.
  3. A large number of possible options for the threads used: colored, metallic, matte, fluorescent, reflective, etc. Threads come not only in different colors, but also in thicknesses and textures.
  4. Durability of the embroidered image. According to studies and tests, a print made by thermal transfer printing can withstand only 5 washes, direct printing – 20 washes, silkscreen – 60 washes. Embroidery withstands more washes than all printing methods combined, without losing color and shape.
  5. Embroidery compared to direct printing and thermal transfer films is very textured. This is achieved through the use of various technologies, especially when combined in one design.
  6. Embroidery can be done in 1 day if the image is simple.

One of the best print companies

There are many companies that print and embroider T-shirts, but not all of them can brag about the durability of their products. When in doubt, you’d better contact Hub92prints for service. They carry out printing and embroidery of any complexity. You just have to prepare the image and choose a T-shirt. And if you don’t know what picture you want, you can choose from the catalog on the manufacturer’s website.

They also print clothing for healthcare workers, colleges, restaurants and construction companies.