Buy open shirts without embarrassment

Do you want to buy an open shirt, but feel ashamed to show your hairy chest? No problem! You can go for a painless and effective procedure.

Daily shaving over time causes irritation and itching on the treated skin, epilation with sugar paste or wax is very painful. Time does not stand still, and experts in the field of beauty have developed a device that removes hair from any part of the body for a long time – a laser device. With properly carried out depilacion laser masculina barcelona, harm to the body and negative consequences are completely excluded.

Laser beam penetrates deep into the hair root, as a result of which the beam heats up the follicle and destroys the high-molecular pigment melanin in it. After which the hair dies and falls out a few weeks after the manipulation. This method is used on all parts of the body: legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, etc.