Are you ready for the super shopping with Modelones?

The end of the year is a series of holidays.  People celebrate Thanksgiving, then Christmas … And there is a very special holiday for shoppers: a time of big discounts and sales.  Starting from Black Friday, there is a great opportunity to buy what you like at the lowest possible price.  Isn’t this a holiday?  You just need to choose exactly where you will celebrate it.

If you want your hands to be well-groomed and beautiful, if you dream of the perfect manicure, Modelones has something to offer you.  A huge variety of nail polishes, poly nail gels, sets of a huge number of shades, bright or calm, shiny holiday or everyday … An embarrassment of riches, as they say. Just visit the black friday sale page.  Everything for your nails is here.  Are you just mastering the basics of manicure and are not yet confident in your abilities?  Try MMA Free Modelones Acrylic System.  Do you want to have well-groomed nails that are not too conspicuous?  The most transparent Modelones Clear Poly Gel is what you need.  In addition, its consistency is more liquid than that of conventional poly gels, so it is more convenient to apply it to nails.  Modelones offers great gift ideas.  Modelones Wooden-lid Gel Polishes will appeal to both inveterate fashionistas and lovers of everything natural. Saturated and muted colors, multi-colored glitter, a huge variety of shades … Modelones will delight everyone.

Hurry up to buy Modelones products while super discounts are available!  Prices will decrease from 15% off from 20 to 24 November to 50 and even 70% off from 21 to 31 December.  Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales give you flash sale items and selected combo for those who spend more than $ 66 at a time.  The awesome Christmas discounts and sales of Boxing Day are special offers and gifts.  Don’t hesitate to check out the discounts at Modelones.  Enjoy your shopping!