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Dr. Sabi  developed a strict plant-based diet. You can order his book, read and learn more details:

Who is Dr. Sebi?

Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi, was a healer and herbalist. He was self-taught, that is, he was not a doctor and did not have a doctorate. Dr. Sebi is known for statements about the treatment of some serious diseases. Dr. Sebi reportedly died in 2016 at a police station.

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Dr. Sebi`s diet

Dr. Sebi actively preached an alkaline diet. The essence of the alkaline diet lies in the partial or complete rejection of acidifying food. Foods that break down into alkalis during digestion are beneficial to the body, unlike acidic ones.

The basic principle of the diet is to give up partially or completely foods that leave acid after digestion. So it is supposedly possible to shift the pH balance of the body to the alkaline side. Acids are feared for a reason: there is an opinion that they provoke the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. This is a favourable environment for the development of diseases, acceleration of aging processes and even the appearance of malignant tumours. The most frightening thing in the list of consequences is chronic fatigue and sleep problems. And an alkaline diet, according to its supporters, can help you feel better and more cheerful.

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It must be said that the alkaline diet stands alone in a number of diverse nutrition systems. Its essence does not seem to be in weight loss, but in a comprehensive improvement of the body. Normalization of the acid-base balance contributes to better assimilation of important elements, for example, sodium and potassium, acceleration of metabolism, reduction of inflammatory processes. Weight loss is a pleasant, but important bonus for many. For a healthy person who does not need to eat stress and fatigue, it is easier to lose weight and control appetite.