Actual dresses for summer 2020: follow fashion’s steps

When creating dresses collections for the summer of 2020, designers gave vent to their imagination, so the palette of relevant shades of this season is truly impressive. Both bright neon and classic pastel shades that have not lost their popularity for many years will be in fashion.

In addition, dark shades do not go out of fashion: black, navy blue, burgundy, dark green and others. These colors are universal and fit any type of figure. They are able not only to visually make the silhouette slimmer, but also look great in the evening or everyday events and parties and match women fashion.

Next season, the top of the fashionable Olympus will be occupied by light and delicate fabrics that make the image more ladylike. Lace made on translucent fabric is also in fashion.

Regarding prints in the new season, complete freedom is also provided. You can surely purchase clothes with a floral pattern, various inscriptions, geometric shapes, snake and other animal prints. Shine and brightness are also in trend now, therefore dresses with embroideries and beads and various rhinestones will be very popular.

This season, girls can afford to wear things of any length: mini, midi or maxi. The main thing is that the image should look harmonious with respect to the height and type of the girl’s figure. Mini looks good on slim beauties of any height. Midi is perfect for girls of short stature with a non-standard figure. Dresses of this length go well with shoes with heels or wedges. Maxi can be worn by both slim and full ladies. They are well suited for creating evening looks. However, such dresses look best on tall girls.

Also in 2020, pajama-style dresses made of satin with lace will be in fashion. Models with open shoulders will not cease to be relevant.