Have you heard of the bamboo toothbrush?

Teeth cleaning is an important hygienic procedure. How to clean your teeth and what toothbrush should be chosen? What is the difference?

Bamboo toothbrushes belong to the category of environmentally friendly products. They are created according to the patterns of the very first Chinese ones, which were just a bamboo stick split at the end. This product will be great for people with hypersensitivity enamel. Due to the increased softness and fineness of the bristles, they do not scratch the teeth and cope with their task as painlessly as possible.

Bamboo has natural disinfectant properties – in China it is a part of many medicines. It is less likely to get infected with something from the brush, which is stored in non-sterile conditions.

In addition to the fact that the product does not cause allergies, it can be used without paste at all, which can relieve the suffering of people allergic to it. Due to the fineness of the bristles, they can get into the most inaccessible places and clean them too. It decomposes very quickly, without polluting the already polluted environment, ceasing to be usable.

Brushes with the use of bamboo fibers are represented by several types, differ in the manufacturer, spraying, harshness of the bristles and the solution of certain problems.

The use of bamboo toothbrush uk is indistinguishable from other types. Dentists recommend:

  • brush your teeth twice a day
  • if you have teeth hypersensitivity, hold it a few minutes in hot water before brushing, the bristles will be softer.
  • in vertical cleaning, first clean the outside of the tooth, then the inside.
  • do not forget to pay attention to the space between the teeth.

Model with black pile is unusual for using, but good for teeth. Nano premium is a brush coated with bamboo charcoal.