How to Find the Right Golf Shoes

How to Find the Right Golf Shoes

The importance of comfort is undoubtful, especially when it comes to sport such as golf. It is not too much to say that the game itself requires players to maximise the comfort. In other words, walking up to 5 miles per hour requires you to pay a lot of attention to your footwear. So if you ask any professional golfer about the importance of footwear you will learn that its selection has to be taken very seriously. Anyways, golf shoes shopping guide will help you to make your best choice but now let us point out some tips to choose the right golf shoes.

1. Style

You will be able to choose from three main styles. They are traditional, athletic and spikeless. The greatest advantage of traditional shoes generally made of leather is long-lasting. Nevertheless, note that such shoes are known for lack flexibility and breathability. In contrast, athletic shoes are usually extremely flexible and lightweight. They come both with and without spikes. Also, athletic models now being favored by the world’s best Tour Professionals.

2. Fitting

It will be wise to your feet measured before picking your new shoes. The thing is that your golf shoes have to match the following requirements: to provide you enough space to move your toes and to be little tighter than your day to day shoes. Also, if you prefer to wear extra thick socks for more comfort, make sure that you wear socks of the same thickness when trying your new shoes.

3. Price

When it comes to the price of golf shoes, the highest one does not mean the best choice. In other words, while choosing your golf shoes, you can weight up a number of options considering the amount of time you spend playing golf. It is not a secret that even some professional players prefer to wear cheaper models. Furthermore, there is always a chance that you can treat yourself to a great pair of expensive golf shoes if you consider such miracle as sales.

4. Waterproofing

Sometimes you have to make sure that your golf shoes are suitable for rainy days. So the need in waterproof shoes mainly depends on your location, climate and season. Just note that you do not need waterproof models for occasions known as “just in case”.

5. Spikes

The same to waterproofness, the decision on whether you need a pair of shoes with or without spikes have to be based on the conditions you are playing in. So while it is believed that soft spikes will provide you with more of a grip, most of leading manufacturers are now claiming that spikeless shoes used in dry conditions can offer equal traction and stability. Also, spikeless models are considered to be more comfortable because of their lightweight construction and flexible soles.